Popcorn Time Ransomware

While everyone is in the spirit of giving this holiday season, there is something to say about giving for the wrong reason. A new strand of ransomware is a good example of this. It’s called Popcorn Time. This new strand of ransomware will allow you two options if your computer is infected. You can choose to pay the ransom or you can choose to forward the ransomeware email on to other people in your contacts. If your efforts successfully infect two other computers, you will receive a decryption code for your computer.

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Up to this point, this method had been unheard of and it pushes the boundary of social engineering scams to a new level. This method is likely to make the infection rate significantly higher as the ransomeware is coming from a trusted and legitimate source. Another nasty feature of Popcorn Time is that if you enter a false decryption code four times, it will start deleting files.
It can’t be stressed enough that unless you are expecting an email, you should not open any attachments unless you have confirmed the legitimacy of the email through another source of communication. Like with any other ransomeware, if your computer is infected, your best hope is to rely on your data backup system.
As an IT New Years resolutions it may be a worthy pursuit to be sure that your backups are running smoothly and if you haven’t made the investment into a backup solution yet, there has never been a better time. These social engineering scams are real and are becoming more and more clever by the day. Protect your investments and your company by putting up measures to insure against attacks like these. For more information, contact eTop for a free consultation.

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HitmanPro! Remove Though Malware

Antivirus does not always catch every little detail and for this reason it is a good idea to run a backup scan on your computer in addition to your antivirus so that you can be sure that your computer is in top running condition. HitmanPro is a program that runs independently from your antivirus to help you clean up some really difficult infections. In some cases you can even use HitmanPro to help you remove various forms of ransomeware that will not let you boot your computer form the Windows screen.
One of the many nice features of HitmanPro is that it allows you to run scans from the web or from an application that you can download to your computer. Downloading this application to your computer allows you to run scans without having to connect to the internet. If you are looking for a quick fix, HitmanPro gives you a free seven day trial that you can use to access a full licence of their software.
Once downloaded, HitmanPro will preform a scan on your computer that can take some time. This is due to the fact that this program is vary thorough and will search every file on your computer. Once finished, HitmanPro will give you a list of suspicious programs that you can review, delete if necessary or ignore if you deem them nonthreatening.
At eTop Technology, we use this program frequently when helping our clients with malware issues. If you think your computer is at risk of an infection, try running this program first. It may save you from having to take your computer into the repair shop.

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Remote Access Computer Support

In the world of information technology you need to be able to help customers globally and in real time so that you can resolve issues on the fly. Remote access support makes that possible. With remote support capabilities, it is as if we were sitting in front of your computer fixing the issue. In reality, you could be half way around the world on a business trip and our tools would allow us to help you anywhere, any time.
In this video we debut a remote connection between Redlands California and Bangkok Thailand by helping a customer with their email signature issues. When an eTop Technology client needs support, they email the support email address with their issue. They receive a remote access code that allows them to begin a remote access session. Once the code is entered into our online portal, our technicians can log in within seconds and resolve any issues.
This tools allows us to be more responsive to our customers needs. By not needing to be at your physical location, we are able to solve more issues in less time, keeping our clients happy and productive. If you are in need of IT support and want to be sure that no matter where you are, you can have access to the help you need. Give eTop Technology a call, we’re here to help!

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