Remote Access Computer Support

In the world of information technology you need to be able to help customers globally and in real time so that you can resolve issues on the fly. Remote access support makes that possible. With remote support capabilities, it is as if we were sitting in front of your computer fixing the issue. In reality, you could be half way around the world on a business trip and our tools would allow us to help you anywhere, any time.
In this video we debut a remote connection between Redlands California and Bangkok Thailand by helping a customer with their email signature issues. When an eTop Technology client needs support, they email the support email address with their issue. They receive a remote access code that allows them to begin a remote access session. Once the code is entered into our online portal, our technicians can log in within seconds and resolve any issues.
This tools allows us to be more responsive to our customers needs. By not needing to be at your physical location, we are able to solve more issues in less time, keeping our clients happy and productive. If you are in need of IT support and want to be sure that no matter where you are, you can have access to the help you need. Give eTop Technology a call, we’re here to help!

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