How To Use CCleaner To Keep Your Computer Clean

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Keeping your computer clean and fast is a constant process and there are many tools that can help you accomplish it. CCleaner is a great free tool that can help you clean up all of the junk that accumulates on your computer. Every applications leaves a data trail that takes up space and unless you take the time to clean that up, your computer will become slow and difficult to use.
For most of your purposes the free version of CCleaner will work great! Just download the free application for Once you have CCleaner downloaded it will launch the application. First, you will want to ask CCleaner to analyze your computer. It will give you a list of all of the files that need to be cleaned up. Once you look over the list of files that CCleaner recommends that you delete, all you need to do is press the “Run Cleaner” button. This will remove all of the unwanted files and take a load off of your computer.
There are a few other tricks that CCleaner has up its sleeve. You can clean the computer registry, uninstall unwanted applications, remove duplicate files and clean up the free space on your hard drive making data recovery impossible. This is useful if you are giving a computer away and need to make sure that all of the data is cleaned off of the computer.
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