How to avoid malware and viruses in your email

There are a few best practices for avoiding malware and viruses that if you follow, will greatly reduce the number of infections on your computer and company network. In this video we will focus on how to filter through your emails to look for the red flags of most social engineering scams. These emails are made to look like an email that you would expect to find in your inbox. If you work in the HR department, for example, you might expect to see an email labeled “Job Application”. This email could have an attachment and that attachment could very easily hide malicious code that can infect your computer. There are several key points to watch out for in every email and if an email looks suspicious you should definitely get a second opinion from an expert. The first step is knowing what the signs of a phishing email are and how to avoid them. If you are not one hundred percent certain that the email you are looking at is legitimate, you should delete it immediately.

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