7ev3n-New Ransomware

Is Your Business Safe from the Most Recent Ransomware Threat?

Ransomware is malicious software (malware) that blocks access to your computer or important files until you provide the people responsible for the malware attack with a ransom (usually money).  Last month a new kind of ransomware called 7ev3n appeared that is causing a lot of headaches for those who are affected.

7ev3n works by encrypting data and trashing the Windows system that it is installed on. The malware modifies system settings and boot options to ensure that you will be unable to recover your information and exit the lock screen by rebooting your computer or using your keyboard keys.

The demands being made by 7ev3n are particularly outrageous – they are currently demanding 13 bitcoins (an online currency that is the equivalent of almost $5000). Unfortunately, there are currently no guaranteed ways to decrypt the files that 7ev3n has encrypted or to make your system usable again without paying the fee.

It’s easy to see how accidentally contracting ransomware like 7ev3n can be a huge annoyance at its best. At its worst this kind of malware could completely derail your business’ ability to function if key files become inaccessible or if you are unable to use your computer.  This is of utmost importance for companies who deal with sensitive information – you don’t want ransomware to put your files at the mercy of an unknown third party!

This isn’t to say that your situation is hopeless – just like anything else, when it comes to malware the best offense is a good defense! Work with your IT professional to come up with a plan to keep your computers secure.

2 things you can do to prevent a ransomware infection are:

  1. Be sure you have a secure and reliable backup strategy so that your files and information can be accessed even if ransomware is contracted (even if there is no saving the physical computer, at least your data will be safe!). Your IT professional may also suggest anti-ransomware tools and strategies that you can make use of in your daily business.
  2. Always be cautious of downloading information from sources that you do not trust – such as suspicious websites or emails from unknown senders, and be sure to keep all of the software on your system up to date as this ensures that you have the best protection currently available!
While it may be impossible to completely eliminate the threat of ransomware, working with your IT professional to design an anti-ransomware strategy can greatly reduce your risk of being affected by it. This is especially true when it comes to the lasting impact of a ransomware attack – if you have secure backups stored off-site, there’s no reason why your business should be impacted for any significant amount of time!

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