Stop Ransomware In It’s Tracks

Today we are going to review a brilliant tool that stops ransomware and other spam in its tracks. It’s called Sendio Opt-Inbox, and it’s more than just antivirus and spam filtering; it’s all of that combined with two-factor authentication, meaning that if anyone sends you an email, a human has to verify that they sent that email to you.

Sendio Anti Ransomware Protection

This nifty tool is different because it completely filters out mass email attacks. Ransomware is a numbers game; large scale attacks use automated systems to send out thousands of emails, knowing that some portion of those emails will inevitably succeed. However, hackers and their automated systems do not account for any kind of authentication process.

When you sign up for Sendio, you are opting to re-route your mail through their system. This allows them to run a series of scans on the email and check the IP address to see if the email is coming from a trusted source. Before Sendio hands off the email to you, the sender will go through the “Sender Address Verification SAV” process or their email won’t be delivered. This means that someone actually has to tell Sendio “It’s okay, I’m a real person and I want to have a conversation with the addressee.” Sendio makes sure that you are only having meaningful conversations with people who you want to talk to.

What about automated emails, like newsletters, that you voluntarily subscribe to? Sendio takes this one step further: you can not only choose to trust certain newsletters, but also choose when these emails get sent to your inbox.

Is this new fancy widget expensive, or even worth the extra cost? The starting price is $34 per month, and the pricing changes depending on whether you have Sendio host the application for you, or if you host it on your own network. You can run a quick cost-benefit analysis to see if an application like Sendio would be cost effective for you and your organization. Go to the store and get a cheap stop watch, and click the stopwatch every time you sort through junk mail. Do this for a month, and you will see how much time you could save sorting through junk mail alone. Multiply this estimate by the number of employees in your company, and you can see that a product like Sendio is easily worth the price. Beyond the amount of sheer time saved, you can assume increased productivity, and thus an additional capacity to increase revenue. Furthermore, a product like Sendio could save you countless amounts of time, money, and data loss by preventing ransomware attacks.

It sounds great, but are there any downsides to this magical tool? Unfortunately, no tools on the market are 100% foolproof. Potentially, if you are subject to a highly targeted attack, the attacker could manually go through the verification process, assuming that Sendio hasn’t already flagged their domain or IP address for fraudulent behavior. However, with the high volume of fraudulent emails sent out by hackers every day, it seems improbable for hackers to find an effective way around this new gateway.

Ransomware has caused too many executives and management sleepless nights and it is time for a system that can help you take back your peace of mind. Talk to your IT partner about implementing Sendio across your network. Get you time back, become more efficient, and most importantly, get a few more hours of sleep!


Information Technology Support Tools

Are you in the process of evaluating the difference between hiring an IT professional internally or partnering with a support company to provide IT services? Maybe you already have internal IT support and need to consider bringing on additional help, but aren’t sure if you should hire more staff or partner with an IT company. Having the proper tools is one factor that plays into this decision, regardless of whomever you hire to do the job. Having the right tools can make all the difference; one advantage of working with an IT company is that they come to the table with the tools and management processes necessary to keep your business running.

3d illustration: computer repair laptop black on a white background. Tehpod

This is one element that often goes overlooked when considering new or additional IT support. Have you ever received a quote from a potential IT partner and thought, “This is expensive! I could hire a full time employee for this amount”? You may not be wrong, but your potential IT partner offers additional value: knowledge, experience and an expensive “toolbox” to help effectively manage your network.
Hiring someone internally might lend you dedicated onsite support but on top of paying for their salary and other employment expenses, your IT professional is going to need the tools to do their job. IT companies use these tools across multiple clients, which makes them affordable and necessary to get the job done right. They can then offer the benefits of these tools to their clients for nominal cost. This provides you with a cost savings that wouldn’t be possible if you had purchased these tools outright.
For any IT company to be effective, they must have special tools, including but not limited to: remote access, remote monitoring, some form of ticket and project management tracking software, special network scanning tools for audit and security purposes, virus and malware scan and removal tools, and managed anti virus and threat detection software. Each of these tools usually comes with some form of monthly recurring cost that is expensive unless you are using it to support hundreds or thousands of people.
Even if you prefer to have someone employed full time to manage your network needs, an IT partner can still be a good resource for you to have. Not only does this give your IT staff support when things get busy, they will also have access the the full toolbox that your IT partner uses.
If you are considering alternate or additional support options or if you are interested in seeing the cost savings of having the right tools in place, contact eTop Technology today to see what we can offer.

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