Harden Employees Against Ransomware With KnowBe4

Are you curious to see who in your company is most likely to download a virus on your network? Well now you can find out and the best part is, its free. With KnowBe4 you can administer a range of free tools that will allow you to see which of your users is most likely fall for phishing […]

PCI Compliance Audits

Have you ever been audited for PCI compliance? If not, it is most likely that at some point you will be. In order to maintain the ability to process payments electronically, this will be a fact of life. The more transactions you process in a year, the more often you will be getting a visit […]

What Business Owners Should Know About Software Licensing

How important are software licenses, really? These complex legal documents can be overwhelming, so most people simply hit “Accept” when prompted instead of taking some time to understand what it is that they are accepting. Software licenses dictate exactly how software can be distributed – the number of copies that can be used by a single […]

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