Outdated Software: A Look at Technical Debt

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Outdated Software: A Look at Technical Debt The world of technology is an ever-evolving landscape. As we traverse it, we often stumble upon issues that hinder our progress. One such challenge is “technical debt”, particularly when it comes from using outdated, or out-of-support, software. Understanding this aspect of technical debt, with its inherent security risks, […]

Backup Your Business Computers

Don’t lose all of your company’s hard work, back up your business computers The whole point of having a business is making money. That’s been the bottom line since people started creating products to sell. The best way to make money is by being organized. Back in the old days people would hand write all […]

How IT Managed Services Can Save Your Business

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When considering our business, no matter what industry we are in, there are a few common areas of business that all go together.  Information Technology is the very foundation of any business. Every piece of technology is part of the lifeline of any business from the phones to the copier, to the scanner, all the […]

When Should I Upgrade My Computer

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I am going to help answer both the Why and When should I upgrade my computer question in this article. I understand that nobody wants to lay out their hard earned profits just to replace a computer that is still running, but when you take a closer look at the numbers you may find that […]

eTop Technology Begins


Everything has a beginning. Cars begin in a factory, humans begin in a womb, businesses begin in the clever minds of  entrepreneurs. Sometimes though, if you determine it, there are second beginnings. These are born of necessity or desire, brought about willingly or by kicking and screaming. These beginnings are a choice. I’ve always wanted to tell my […]

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