Microsoft Excel 2016 Training “IF” Formula with “NOT” and “OR” Operators

In the last two Microsoft Excel training videos, we focused on using the “IF” formula, its Boolean operators and how to nest an IF statement inside of another IF statement. Today we will finalize our training on Excel IF formulas by reviewing how to use “NOT” and “OR” operators.

The NOT and OR operators are among the most common operators you will use in the IF formula. These operators allow you to create equations that will say “IF a workbook cell is NOT equal to X OR Y, then perform XYZ action.”

Let’s suppose you are needing to create a spreadsheet and you want a logic formula to adjust the prices of your products up or down according to their sales performance. An example of this would be if your yellow and pink products are not selling and you want to increase the price for the rest of your products while keeping the yellow and pink products the same price. These operators would allow you to say “IF the product is not Yellow or Pink, then increase the price.”

There are many ways to use these operators, and if you combine them with the operators that we reviewed in previous videos, you will find the IF formula to be quite powerful. With some practice, you will find that these operators are able to help you make most any calculator and will reduce your redundant workload.

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