Redundant IT Support

Have you been in a position where your IT network is down and support is nowhere to be found. At this point you are probably scrambling to find anyone who can help bring your network online. This problem usually occurs when your support company consists of one person and they decide to go on vacation without notifying you, or they are helping another customer. This can also happen with internal IT staff as well. If there is a time when your network is going to go down, it will be when your internal IT manager is away on vacation or is out sick.

Handsome cheerful computer engineer repairing open computer in bright office

This brings to light the need for a layered support approach. Business has to operate in spite of vacation plans and not having support in place when things go wrong is not an option. This is an area where a good managed service provider can really save you time, headaches and money. It isn’t enough to have one person looking after your network. You need a team that can have someone there to help you whenever you need it.

As with most issues it is better to set yourself up for success rather then respond to disaster when it strikes. An important way to do this with your IT network is to make sure that your support partner is a big enough company to be there for you when you need it. This will insure that you have not only redundant support but a broad base of experience and skills to keep you up and running. Even if you have an internal IT resource, it is best to partner with a managed service provider as well. There are many ways that we can supplement IT services to fill in the gaps whether it be adding experience and expertise or filling in when your IT manager needs a vacations. For more ways that eTop Technology can help provide layered support, contact us today.

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