Microsoft Excel 2016 Spreadsheet Layout Design

When you start building spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2016 with hundreds of columns and rows, it can be confusing to understand what you are looking at. In this video we will show you a few simple tricks that will help you simplify your spreadsheets and make them easier to read.
Most spread sheets will have a constant which is a column or row that contains the same number. This could be an hourly rate for example that you are using to calculate employee wages. In this case you could set up a rule that will allow you to remove that column while still making the calculations. The added benefit of this is that you will be able to make adjustments to that number by changing it in one place rather then every cell. This will save you time and make the spreadsheet easier to read.
In addition to removing unnecessary information, you can make a lot more sense of a spreadsheet by applying some color coding and highlighting to information that is important. Sometimes it also helps to remove the grid lines if you are making this spreadsheet for a presentation.
Finally we will show you how to lock this information in place so that it can only be changed by an administrator. This is very useful if there is only one person who understands how the spreadsheet works. Changing the wrong information could upset the entire spreadsheet.

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