How To Get Your Time Back

Do you ever feel like you are the hub through which all too much information flows? Perhaps if you could reduce the number of pointless responsibilities that you have so that you can focus on the important ones, your business would be better off. Here is a quick assessment of how you might be able to accomplish that when it comes to managing your IT network and all of the user issues that arise because of it.

Say you are paying for IT support on an hourly basis. One of your employees has an issue and of course you don’t want them running up a bill with your IT provider without your knowledge. You instruct your team to contact you with each problem for approval before they contact your IT provider. Before calling for support, you spend a few minuets trying to make sure you can’t resolve this issue by yourself. If the problem proves to be stubborn, you then resolve to call for support.
In the hierarchy of things to do, this series of tasks may not even make it on the list. Unfortunately, this is a true story for too many companies, largely due to the fact that IT support is expensive; especially when you pay for it on an hourly basis.
As a point of contrast let’s imagine a managed service where, for your fixed monthly rate, you receive unlimited remote access support. Your employee is having a problem and now support is included without accruing additional costs. They are now able to call and resolve the issues without you ever having to be involved. Your knowledge of this incident is limited to the quarterly reporting session with your IT support provider.
Dollar for dollar, in most cases, this type of support service costs the same per month as it would once you accrue the costs of hourly rate service. The return on investment is your time and the time of your staff. There is no need for you to spend your time keeping track of these issues or trying to resolve them yourself. Your staff will have direct access to support when they need it and your accounting department will only have one IT bill to pay at the end of the month.
This is just one small advantage of working with a managed service provider or MSP. If you feel like this method of support is the best direction for your company, contact eTop and consider new options!

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