Customize Windows 10 “Life at a Glance” Start Menu

Have you taken the time to set up the Windows 10 “Life At A Glance” start menu? One of the great aspects of Windows 10 is that it is highly customizeable. If you spend a lot of time on your computer than it will save you time and energy to customize your desktop and start menu around your workflow. Still, this is one thing that usually goes overlooked due to busy schedules or the lack in knowledge of how to customize the Windows 10 interface. We have created this video to walk you through the process of customizing the start menu, “life at a glance” and also the desktop background. The Windows 10 “Life At A Glance” menu comes configured with advertisements and general features that you are unlikely to use. You can customize the size, shape and location of each of these tiles. You can add any additional tiles that are important to you and delete the ones that do not matter. Similarly, with the start menu, you can customize the information that is shown there.

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