Outlook 2013 Email Encryption

With an E3 account of Microsoft Office 365, you have the ability to send encrypted emails to your colleagues and clients. This is useful when sending sensitive company information that you can’t afford to have fall into malicious hands. To access this feature, you will need to have your Office 365 administrator set a key word that your account will recognize, whereby, formatting any email with that key word in the email subject line with the encryption features that are built into Outlook. Once this feature is set up it is extremely easy to use. All you will need to do to access this feature is type the key word into your email subject line and press the send button. The recipient will either have to log into their online Office 365 account or, if they are using a different email client, they will have to submit for a one time pass key. This will allow them access to the email while insuring they the recipient is the only person who can access the sensitive information.
If this feature of Microsoft Office 365 is important for your business, contact us today to learn how you can help keep you data safe.

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