Setting up Office 365 on your Apple or Android


Step 1: Navigate to your “Email” app.

Step 2: Input your new email address and password.  In this example, I’m using Steve’s. Press Next.

Step 3: Press the “Exchange” button.

Step 4: Change the “Doman/Username” to your E-mail address.

Change the Server from your domain name to “” then press next.

Step 5: Press okay, and follow any more prompts that may come up.


Step 1: Open your settings App

Step 2: Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 3: Press “Add Account”

Step 4: Select Exchange

Step 5: Put in your name and password that were sent to you.
We are using Steve’s as an example.

Step 6: Put in a description, and confirm the settings. Then press next.

Step 7: Choose what you want selected and press save.

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