The Bandwidth Initiative 

Looking for faster internet for your business?

There are very few things in the business world that are more frustrating than an unplanned disruption in your Internet connection. Several years ago, a patchy internet connection would only have affected your inter-office emails or maybe a small percentage of your business’ daily functions. However, with the internet now being a key tool for the majority of your daily tasks, and with documents and programs now being hosted on the cloud instead of on local hardware, an internet disruption can keep you from completing the majority of your daily tasks.

There is no reason why you should be forced to endure slow or unreliable internet! If you are looking into internet options for your business, don’t forget to consult with your IT professionals. In many cases they will have access to better resources that can help you find options that you may not have known about. One such example of this would be to find fiber internet options were they were otherwise thought to not be available. A quick bandwidth test can help you determine whether or not you are currently receiving an adequate bandwidth supply for your needs. Insuring that you and your staff have adequate bandwidth to function without delay is a key aspect in a highly productive work environment.  

As a general rule, if your company uses the internet for emails and general web browsing, your internet usage is considered to be “light”, and you likely do not need to worry about upgrading your current service. On the other hand, if (like most businesses) you are considering using the internet for anything other then these features (including hosting information or programs in the cloud, VoIP phones or video conferencing), then you may need to consider upgrading your internet connection.

When making decisions about your company’s Internet, it is important to remember that it is highly unlikely that your business’ bandwidth requirements will decrease over time – the Internet is becoming more and more integrated into the daily functions of businesses of all kinds, and bandwidth needs increase along with this integration. While it is true that more business applications are moving to the cloud (Microsoft’s attempts to turn customers into subscribers, etc.) it is also important to remember that file sizes alone are steadily increasing. It is a safe estimate that for the foreseeable future, technology is going to improve, whereby increasing its capacity to manage larger amounts of data. The pendulum will continue to swing back and fourth between the development of hardware and software, all the while increasing the business’ demand for more connectivity to stay competitive.   

In fact, as businesses begin to fully integrate use of the cloud, you may even find that you require internet redundancy. Internet redundancy is the installation of a backup internet line that is available even if your primary Internet connection is disrupted. This will ensure that your business is not forced to a halt due to the failure in a single internet connection.

When it comes to offering reliable connectivity, fiber internet is the best way to ensure that your company’s productivity is never at risk due to unexpected internet outages. As well, fiber internet can easily meet your business’ bandwidth needs – both now and in the future as it is installed to be scaled up to gigabit speeds. The main drawback that most businesses find when they contact their Internet Service Provider is that fiber internet may not be available in their location. However, just because your area is currently not serviced by fiber internet does not mean that obtaining it is an impossibility!

If you find yourself in this situation, it is a great idea to contact your IT professional for further help. Because we are unaffiliated with any specific internet carrier, we are able to work as an intermediary between your business and the ISPs in your area. In this role, we are able to advocate for your business and its internet needs and work with ISPs to bring a fiber route to your business.

Every ISP knows that fiber internet is the future of connectivity since it allows for data transmission in a way that the copper network never could. As a result of this, most ISP’s are investing extraordinary amounts of money to front the cost of expanding the fiber network. The businesses that are considered to be “investment building” are locations that the ISP will front the cost to bring the fiber internet into. In many cases at lease one of the many ISP’s will consider your location an investment building. 

This is where working with an IT professional can really save you time and money while also helping your business to get a far superior product. If you were to contact your favorite ISP and ask if fiber internet was available in an area where fiber had just recently been installed, the rep would most likely tell you that fiber wasn’t available. This is because telecom sales reps will only sell you a solutions that is already available. If it isn’t installed in your building they will not try any sell it to you. As a vendor we are able to work with the ISP to asses your needs and location and find options that may be hard to access directly through the ISP.     

Comparing internet options between ISPs can be a headache when you aren’t sure what the best option is for your business. As your advocate, we want to help you find the best ISP for your business’ individual needs at the best price available. We can guarantee that you will receive service that is fast and reliable, saving you from any lost productivity or increased stress due to internet downtime. 

If you or someone you know is looking for fiber internet for your business, feel free to contact us to see if we can help you find a better solution.  

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