New Hoax Spreading Malware

If you receive emails claiming to be from the ISIS, delete them.

There is a new hoax going around that everyone needs to be aware of. A major influx of emails have been spreading around Australia and the UK proclaiming that it has been sent from the ISIS and it describes an attack that will take place on the United States. These claims are completely bogus, however, they seem to be just enough to get people to click the attached link that, of course, gives all the details. If you see any emails regarding the ISIS and you do not recognize it, do not open it or any attached links. They will most certainly contain some form of malware.


Cyber gangs will use English speaking countries like Australia and the UK as testing grounds for new cyber attacks. They use these countries to refine a hoax before they release the perfected version in the United States. If a hoax is spotted in mass in Australia or the UK it is only a matter of time before it becomes a problem here.

To avoid the headache of dealing with unnecessary malware over the coming months make sure that your staff is informed of this threat. 


The eTop Technology Team

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