VirRansome! New Virus Alert.

The latest strain in Ransomeware 

There’s a new strain of Ransomeware on the loose that everybody needs to watch out for. VirRansom, as it’s been dubbed, is the newest Cryptolocker variant. Most Ransomware up to this point has been classified as a malware. However this new strain is actually a virus.

As you may remember from our last virus alert. Ransomware is a type of malware that locks you out of all of the JPG, DOC, DOCX and other files that it encrypts and demands a ransom be payed to ‘decrypt’ those files. Usually, these malicious programs are spread through emails made to look like emergencies such as “fake invoices” or “courier delivery notices”.

What makes VirRansom different?

Whats troubling about VirRansome is it’s ability to spread and reinfect a network. Unlike the earlier Ransomware, which will leave you with a handful of encrypted yet harmless files, a virus will spread freely through your network encrypting hundreds or thousands or files. What makes VirRansome so daunting is that it alters your files in such a way that even a file that has been ‘decrypted’ still, unfortunately, has the potential to reinfect the entire network.

Needless to say, this virus is not something you want spreading through your company network. Although there are some countermeasures in place to deal with this growing threat, it would be likely that your network would be down for a few days.

As usual there isn’t an adequate replacement for good browsing and downloading habits. Be careful what you download! If you don’t know what it is or who it’s from consult your IT professional to make sure it isn’t infected.

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