Windows 10. What Windows 8 should have been? 

Is Windows 10 something to look forward to?

Are you tired of Windows 8 yet? If your’e like most people, you’ve been nursing Windows 7 in the hopes that Windows 10 will bring about the new features and user interface of Windows 8 with the simplicity and familiarity of Windows 7. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to learn the hard way that they couldn’t change everything about the way their users interact with their products over night and have the rest of the world be okay with that. It’s true, if you took the time to sit down and learned how Windows 8 works you would probably get along just fine. The problem for most was that they didn’t want to rethink everything they had ever known about Windows products and the desktop environment.

Despite the flop that was Windows 8, Microsoft is rethinking their strategy on how they produce and release their new operating systems. The mindset for Windows 8 was clear enough. The users don’t know what they want so we’ll show them. Windows 10 is a different story. Microsoft is taking a much different approach to building Windows 10. Instead of the traditional secretive “What is Microsoft going to come out with next” approach. Microsoft has gone open source.

What makes Windows 10 Different?

Although Windows 10 is still being produced entirely in house, Microsoft is taking a bold approach in making the users a part of the development process. For the first time in software development a major player in the software industry is asking its users what they want. Although it is a rough draft of the final Windows 10 operating system, you can download the most recent test version of Windows 10 and play around with it. Whats more important than that is you can also give your input and contribute to the conversations of what would make the best operating system.
In business today we rely on Microsoft for almost every aspect of our day to day business. This is sometimes a blessing and a curse as we are entirely at their mercy. Most of the time we don’t stop to consider how much of our day to day operations rely on Microsoft continuing to produce highly effective products. With the recent change in the way that Microsoft has decided to view the way they produce future operating systems, it is encouraging to see that they do have the users best interests at heart.

If you rely on Microsoft for your day to day business, it may be worth your time to contribute to this conversation.

To get involved visit the Windows Insider Program

New Features in Windows 10

Although this is only a glimpse of what is to come, Microsoft has already fixed many of the pain points that users experienced using Windows 8. Below are features that have already been released in the demo version of Windows 10.

The Start Menu Returns

Microsoft decided to return to their roots with the classic style start menu. They have made a few key improvements such as allowing you to customize your apps along side your start menu. You will be able to customize the size of your start menu to fit your liking and screen size. Also, the search bar will search your web browsing history along with your computers content.


Adjustable App Window Size

In Windows 8, apps were optimized for touch screen devices meaning that they would open up to the full size of the screen and you couldn’t adjust them. With Windows 10 app windows can be adjusted to any size and you can run more then one simultaneously.

Multiple Desktops 

For the multi-taskers out there Microsoft has introduced a multiple desktop function. You will be able to open as many desktops as you want making it easy to switch between the programs you use for work and the programs you use at home.

Window Snapping

As if we aren’t already distracted enough by having multiple windows open on our desktops at the same time. Windows has improved on its snapping feature. This will allow you to easily maximize screen space without having to take the time to adjust each window. Just drag each window into the desired location and it will automatically snap into place to fill up the maximum amount of space available. You can do this with up to fore windows.

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