Springing a Leak

When you think of all the catastrophes that could befall your small business usually a fire, earthquake or power outage comes to mind. While any one of those disasters can be a major threat, its most often the little things that cause the biggest problems. For one client this was all too true!

After locking up shop for a long 4th of July weekend everything seemed to be business as usual. Three days later, however, it was a whole different story. Upon opening the door Sunday morning the business owner was shocked to find an inch of standing water covering the floor of his entire office. It was soon discovered that a pipe had sprung a small leak in one of the offices. Across the course of the three day weekend that small but persistent stream of water had managed to turn the office into an oasis.

Thankfully the damage to the office and equipment was minimal. Other than a few fried surge protectors and a battery backup, business will continue. It’s impossible to know where the next disaster will strike. Fortunately this company had taken the time to insure that, in the event something like this might happen, they would be protected.

If something like this happened to your small business would you survive?

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