eTop Technology Begins

Everything has a beginning. Cars begin in a factory, humans begin in a womb, businesses begin in the clever minds of  entrepreneurs. Sometimes though, if you determine it, there are second beginnings. These are born of necessity or desire, brought about willingly or by kicking and screaming. These beginnings are a choice.

I’ve always wanted to tell my story; my choice for a new beginning. In my story is the birth of this company, eTop Technology. My website marketer tells me I need to blog to generate traffic to my website and I’m sure at some point I will bore and entertain you with my musings from my travels to job sites. If I have heard or read something amazing in my studies to become a better me I will share them with you here. So, for a moment, this blog will be my platform.

I am born and bred Southern California. In my formative years I was heavily involved in teaching and training in youth programs and leadership. I also had the privilege of working as a blacksmith at Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, CA where they specialize in American history and reenactments for schools and families. For six years I worked educating 5th graders on the virtues of blacksmithing and concepts related to the Revolutionary War. After this stint I have what I call my “lost years.”

For 3.5 years I did almost nothing except work and play video games. World of Warcraft was my domain and I mastered it with gusto. During this time I became obese, weighing over 300 lbs, and was headed nowhere fast. On a chilly December day I made a choice that has altered my life drastically. On that day I gave up video games, sold my equipment, and made a conscious decision to actually live my life.

I was unsure of exactly what I wanted to do but knew I needed some serious changes. I searched in many places and tried new things in order to find new meaning and purpose in my life. I was so hungry for information on how to grow my life into something bigger than what I currently was. While at the gym, I saw a guy who seemed to have everything going his way. We talked and he gave me several websites to check out regarding health and fitness.

I stumbled across a website for a company named Precision Nutrition, signed up for their program, and began a whirlwind of life changes. I became lost in learning and growing, so much so I know my friends thought I was flat out obsessed. It was true, I was obsessed in becoming the person I wanted to be. During my course with Precision Nutrition I learned many things but foremost they taught me the difference between merely existing and living life.

During this time of change, my dad developed a rapidly metastasizing stage 4 melanoma. I was shaken for several  reasons, first because he was my father, and second because he was my employer. The thing I am most grateful for is that even though my dad won’t see me do so many great things in life, he saw me begin to make changes towards becoming a new person before he died. The last few years have been a bit of a whirlwind.

After I quit computer gaming and started my living my life, I lost my Dad and 100 lbs, I started my own business, and started dating and married the girl of my dreams. I have so much to be grateful for and so much more to look forward to that I find myself speechless at the opportunities that lay before me. Now comes the fun part, what’s going to happen next? Sometimes I think we forget that at the beginning of each day we stand, pen in hand, in front of a blank sheet of paper. We can choose to write our own story, to craft our own future. This is the story of my new beginning, what is yours?

Blog readers thank you for allowing me to bore/entertain/inspire you with what is, perhaps, way more information than you wanted to know about my life. Also I want you to know that I appreciate the chance you’re giving me by stopping by and checking my business out.

To our success,

William Pote IV

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